Cloud Computing : Some Questions answered

Cloud Computing has been seen quite a good level of acceptance by the small and medium business. The reasons re not far to find as cloud computing and hosting has really relieved the burden of enterprises, specially small and medium one regarding IT management and data security. But most importantly it is the costs effectiveness of the cloud computing services , for example,QuickBooks Hosting services besides ease of application access that have led the small business pushing for the cloud route of accessing applications like QuickBooks.

Recent surveys have shown that the twin factors of cost saving and always on application access are the two biggest drawing factors for the popularity of Cloud Services of which QuickBooks application hosting is one example.

Following are some of the data that supports this fact:

Cloud Computing is more beneficial to the Small and medium Business that their larger counterparts as a study by University pf Milan has shown. This is because of the fact that outsourcing IT functions and management save crucial capital and human resource for the small business.

IDC,  has predicted that the Global IT spending regarding the Cloud triple by the year 2013 reaching the figure of $44 billion. The main reason identified for Popularity of the Cloud is inclination of the businesses to cut costs.

Besides this it would be worthwhile to collate all other benefits of Cloud services, Like QuickBooks Hosting Services to bring home the importance of QuickBooks Accounting application Hosting fro small and medium Business:

 Cost Reduction:    Cloud computing technology is paid based on monthly subscription, with no long term commitment, saving organizations money in upfront IT investment .

  Backup and StorageOrganizations can store more data than what their local desktop can provide and more importantly    this data is extremely secures and backed up in multiple locations.

  Automated IT environment:  QuickBooks Cloud Provider manages all the Installation and upgrades to the application and hence IT personnel need not worry about keeping software up to date.

   Flexibility of application access:   Cloud computing services such as QuickBooks Hosting  solution offers much more flexibility than past computing methods in terms of application deployment, access and use.

  Mobility of the enterprise: All users in the enterprise can access the database and application wherever they are, rather than having to remain at their office premises.

  Allows Enterprise Shift Business Focus: Enterprises no longer having to worry about constant IT infrastructure such as server installation and updates, technical troubleshooting issues, and IT support.