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QuickBooks hosting or QuickBooks terminal server hosting is the alternative QuickBooks access model as different from QuickBooks Desktop deployment.

The need for QuickBooks hosting service arises from the necessities of the present business environment, namely:

  • The need of an optimal IT infrastructure wherein most of the non-core IT functions are outsourced.
  • Optimally deploying the human resources for business focus
  • Everywhere access to the QuickBooks application rather than only within the office premises or LAN
  • Data Security needs 

The desktop deployment of QuickBooks Accounting Application means

  • Individual installation of each copy of the application on each users systems
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of the network is done at the level of individual systems
  • Similarly individual preferences have to be set for each user and with varying configuration one leads to less optimal security of the network
  • QuickBooks application access is limited to the office premises
  • For multiuser access local LAN has to be configured


Thus on the part of user it means restricted access and on the part of administrators it results in more complex and time consuming IT management. From the perspective of small business it leads to more IT infrastructure investment and having dedicated personnel for IT management which again is cost intensive. Getting The QuickBooks hosting service on the other hand proves cost efficient, needs no local IT support and allows everywhere access the accounting and Bookkeeping application.


QuickBooks Hosting on Terminal Server 

QuickBooks hosting services leads to better application access and management on the part of users, administrators and small business. 

  • Improved interface for users: QuickBooks terminal server hosting allows everywhere access to the application using any simple online connection and not restricted to the local network there by giving the users the power to collaborate with other users in a multiuser environment. 
  • Easy configuration: since the QuickBooks application in run on the terminal server, user access the application as a readymade already configured application so that the individual level application access complexities are gone. 
  • Improved access speed: With less CPU and memory requirements  on individual computers QuickBooks hosting leads to better application access than on the local desktop deployment option. 

QuickBooks hosting and application management

QuickBooks Hosting also leads to better resource management as:

  • The IT support services are now managed by the QuickBooks hosting service providers so that there is no need of technical support resources at client’s end.
  • Security of the application and database is improved through centralized troubleshooting, support and user preference settings. 

Finally for the small business the QuickBooks hosting services leads to:

Less IT costs as there is no need to have IT support professional and no need to have dedicated network for application access. Most crucially, everywhere application through QuickBooks hosting improves business productivity.





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